- The safest and fastest option for Nigeria offered by the company right now is wire transfer. Our bank account details:
Zenith Bank
EXCO Finance LTD.
Zenith Bank 1016906638 (Naira)
Zenith Bank 5071271234 (USD)
Zenith Bank 508031863 (Euro)
Access Bank
EXCO Finance LTD.
Access Bank 1235325832 (Naira)
Access Bank 1235327063 (USD)
Access Bank 1235327953 (EUR)
- If you would like to credit your EXCO account instantly, contact your account manager.

Credit/Debit cards

- Log into your myExco profile Click “Make deposit” button, deposit menu will pop-up right after:
- Input deposit amount in USD, choose debit card option from menu and mark on Direct Debit option and click deposit button.
- Choose your credit/debit cards currency (red arrow) and click Convert and continue.
- Click Pay Now button (red arrow) , follow deposit instructions to be sent to your email to complete the payment.



The fastest deposit option for South Africa offered by the company is wire transfer:
Our bank details:

EXCO Bank:   Nedbank
Name:  AP Collect 
Acc:   1188970402
Type:   Cheque/Current 
Ref:    Client Name/MT4 login

Please send us bank transfer confirmation to [email protected] to process the deposit in fast mode.